Tampa, Florida

Ok so this is a lil. Different.

I'm a escort... today I get a call from a male Escort. .wanting to "TEAM UP" I don't do couples he was pursuant. Made me feel total disrespected me if so feel he has no concern about anyone.

Wanna be PIMP. ...Attitude he told me over repeatedly that I will see he will post things bout.. me being a SCAM as soon as I post my add. STALKERS WORDS good luck.

With business. I AM HONEST and I don't want to become someone I'm bot so this is probably. The most I will do for now please. Take my word and give me a chance BaBY bUt I mow who I am so not that type so either.


A physco. Or MALINNA

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I hate these dudes that think they gonna pimp me out yea right dude *** off I'd have tazed his ***!!


How could you possibly feel disrespected? Your a ***......duh


Again y are u on here bro smh


She is lying one thing you can be sure of never trust a *** they lie all the time


Huh? Good grief woman. Get some morals and a real job.