I enjoyed myself with this lady. She greeted me at the door with sexy smile.

I found her to be more attractive than her photos. Her office was setup with dim lighting and she had some sort of aroma burning that smelled great. Maya's massage was excellent and like her ad said she relieved me with her soothing touch. I wasn't able to get a look at all her assets unclothed but I'll be back to see her again.

Her prices were a flat rate, however she did suggest that tipping was appreciated. Interestly enough, as this was my first time seeing her, she left the tip up to my discretion.

I did tip her handsomely because I truly enjoyed my time spent with her. Maya was my first experience using backpage, judging from the other reviews I believe I lucked up!

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Health And Beauty Advertisement.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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That comment was made by her she was awful nothing like the pictures

@Joe gilespe

God- its so painfully OBVIOUS when they write their own reviews! Sad.

Just sad. Pathetic really.

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