Tucker, Georgia
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Ive posted an ad on backpage, set for one day .... and for some reason backpage keeps keep posting my ad and taking money off of my pre paid debit card .... i would like to be re-emberced for the taken money... or given a free postiong day. please Email me quintowens@***.com. if you have any other type contact information would be greatly appriciated. thank you very very much ... I look forward to speaking with you so we could get this problem solved .... once again thank you for your time ... and taking the time to read my complaint and helping me fixing this issue..

Your Loyal Customer,Deneria Owens

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Yep, I'm getting real sick of backpage taking my money! I have a completely legit escort company and they delete about 66% of my ads within 10 minutes without reason or cause!

They always refuse to refund my money, even when I have purchased multiple re-post and sponsor ads which I think are over priced as is!

I say DO NOT use backpage, I advise going to Rapid Post Classifieds, they are a new company that actually gives a *** They plan on marketing their site heavily in order to replace backpage and completely eliminate their scamming once for all!! GOOD LUCK GUYS!


I am a little irritated with back page as well. I would not go as far as say pissed off but I am certainly getting their. I to have used this product to promote my honest business with success. The last two weeks I have had nothing but errors, problems, and been unable to use this product witch I bought for the sole purpose of promoting my business and have done so for a long time using the same ad however the ad no longer works. I have tried repeatedly to get the problem fixed and we have worked together to fix the problem but nothing has worked and I have been unable to use this product back page or another product I purchased classified connection. I spent alot of money. If you asked me two weeks ago I would have recommended back page to anyone and everyone but now I don't think I would recommend either product as they have my money and I can not use either. I have the impression they customer service just don't care or legitimate do not know what the problem is as we have tried pretty much everything.

My business have suffered substantial. I have thought about suing like the person mentioned in one post hes probably a lawyer looking for a fee but they have tried to help but that help has stopped and I am still in the same boat I was two weeks ago not able to use either product.

What really gets my goat as I have had a jewelry business for many years a legit honest business www.pilar.chavez.buysgoldtoday.com and back page choose to punish me witch they never did before. Back page will not punish those with sexy ads with lady's in skimpy outfits. I wounder if there is some discrimination going on mabey. If I tuck my 230 6 foot frame into a speado would that fix the problem and run the ad. Not sure but I am certainly seeing a WHOLE LOT OF SEXY LADYS IN SKIMPY OUTFITS but a business owner once again gets punished

@james mondoux

not necessarily so James my daughter does massages probably escorts i sort of turned a blind eye until she used my debit card to post a 5.00 ad that has so far cost me over 65.00. there is no phone number to contact these people I have had to cancel my bank card ect.

Call it what you like it is still robbery in my book and i would be pleased to start a class action if i cannot find A WAY TO SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THEM. We have sent 12 emails that have been ignored. I am as fed up as you.

If by some chance you or someone else reading these posts have access to a phone number for these people at backpage i would be so happy if you could pass it along to myangels101@***.com. thank you and good luck in your future ventures respectfully, Lisa


I have read most of the complaints against backpage as I use this software myself. I think some complaints are founded and some are not.

I would encourage anyone to stand up for your rights, missing money. You always have small claim court. If enough of you have been hurt. Get together form a class action maybe that will send a message to get there act together.

Before you contact the bbb, sue, or form a class action at least you can do is give them a chance to fix it.

By reading many of these complaints it sounds like you have given them ample time to do so. So I say send a message you are Not Going To Tolerate it anymore.