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I dont have fake pics or anything like that out of 10 calls 10 are b.s....waste of time..

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She's like fine wine age looks better and taste better like that song says Brandy you're such a fine lady. I met her in Sacramento off Madison Jill was amazing hot hot hot clean and smelling like a rose soon as I walked in the door we got down to business no wasting time made me feel like.

I won the lottery 3 times I will repeat I love milf mature women. She was a hot mess I was sweaty and wet whole time her cat was throbbing she has a tight vice grip that will make you blow from here to


Not for me I have good karma and a good time a beautiful time I'll never forget I will repeat. I really never used the reviews and it seems like my luck is better I just go off the pictures and text back and forth talk to the girl and everything works out good for me I have no issues just treat the ladies good and you have good come back to you. {{Redacted}}

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