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What upsets me are the guys on here that disrespect what my ad says in the beginning. And feel they should take up your time make you think that you're going to make money by constantly ringing your phone because they're looking for a mommy figure I don't want to be.

Then you have men that feel because they're paying a little money to spend time with somebody that they should be able to be overly aggressive or be rough and the female is supposed to say absolutely nothing and deal with it it doesn't work that way. We are all still human beings on here with feelings and Families. Some of us might have more issues than others like the drugs in The Pimps and all the other stuff. But at my age it 59 I don't want to be somebody's mother I was already that.

I don't want to be disrespected. I feel I deserve the same respect you would give your girlfriend wife or lady friends. I treat you the way I am treated and that's the way it should be. When you want to come and spend a small amount of money to spend time with somebody you get small amounts of quality time.

you can't ask for the world and think you're going to pay a dollar for it. I don't believe in reviews,I believe reviews are made for people to say bad things, to stop people and create problems because they are not happy.but that doesn't mean that that person may not make a thousand other people happy. I've been doing this business for 10 years I did phones for four years first. And I've talked to a million men over the years.

Just because I'm a female and you're a male doesn't mean that we won't clash or not see eye-to-eye.

not everybody will get along just because you see somebody's looks in like the way they look. In this business there is not a problem with one personality it's both personalities so both people need to take a good look that it had to be both sides not just one and stop downgrading what you put yourself into

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Guys do not read the adds and most are on a phone anyway.


Well some of your business associates take money and don't provide services and that tends to give the lady's that r on the up and up a bad name also. Cupcake for instance.

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