Miamisburg, Ohio
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Called Brittany Ann at 812-250-**** for some entertainment. For number one she did not even get naked during the time I was there. I asked to see her breasts and she stated she would not cause she did not like them. After 15 minutes she stated that I had a few minutes left to do what I needed or pay more. Here's the kicker, she was still texting me asking where I was and if I was on the way, if I was there during the time I was right next to her! I got out to my truck and on my way home she was still texting me. I told her you just had me leave unless I wanted to pay more.

She told me to come back for some extra time at no charge. Then she texted me after that stating she did not think she saw me and that maybe I saw her sister that was there.

Again If you see Brittany Ann in Dayton, MAIMISBURG MAKE N DREAMS COME TRUE with a phone number of 812-250-**** .

DON'T GO!!!!

Monetary Loss: $160.

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ewww I hope she isnt unde 18. She looks old as fkuc


I know that girl - she goes to school with my kids. She is only fifteen years old. You are in big trouble now pal.


This girl was22 according to id. She was old enough to get her own hotel room.


Fake ID. Easily obtained.

Happydog should have gone to a bar or church to meet a girl. Now he has to wait for a knock on the door.


wtf is wrong with this ppl?