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Each time i post on backpage..they take my money then remove my post..saying community removed..there's no nudity..unlike most of those post..ive post like $50..would like to know why..this is a rip off

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9 times out of 10~ its your competition flagging you, it's like saying, #itch get off my corner.


I agree it keeps happening to me too. You know haters can have them removed too.

And there is a whole lot of them I have come to find out.

I have a man right now writing bad reviews on escort babylon because I won't pay him $70.00 to post me when I can do it myself for 5.00. He tried threatening me and when that didn't work he resorted to slander.


As providers we take to much *** off of those types of low life. In part because we thank we can't report them to anyone.

But you can report him anonymously for suspected trafficking. If you don't want to do that then have ever girl you to blacklist him.

Good Luck you have more power than you know.

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