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Becare of crazy stocker's they call my phone for hundred times todaywhen is named Kevin and the other isthey try to put that reviews on you because I don't deal with him he's crazy I blocked him and now he has all these other number keeps calling from his name is Kevinso any clients that are going to see mistress Cali I've always been good to my clients there's bad guys too on Backpage just like theirs bad womenso I hope nobody takesthat I would ever robbed anybody I've never done that I've had plenty good reviews and forthis guy is a total nut job

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I have the same problem with 3 different people too idk how to get business back because they have messed me up to the point I havnt made money for the past week not their names u listed but I need help idk what to do I havnt made any money this past week because someone is msgin calling me on different numbers and sending me to locations where I get there and there's no call I'm stressed out what should I do?

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