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Was going by the name Amanda phone #(6/4/7)-9/5.2- or 122******** She claimed she need money for an UBER to get to me. I sent her 80.

She then claimed UBER took the money for a previous charge and if i would send her more she would knock it off the price and stay twice as long. So i sent it and of course she never showed. Yes my stupidity for sending the money in advance.

Lesson learned. Be careful anx never send escorts money in advance.

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Lol omg this is the best thing ever


The moral of this story is~ if they can't afford an Uber to get to you, LEAVE THEM ALONE....


San Bruno Le San Mateo

These ads been flagged down they will be your friend on night shift for 2 to 3 weeks or a month possibly talk to you everyday and then bust you there not trolls Lee is a troll working operation special unit just for San Mateo County that is very sad go get the people with the terrorists on the fires please don't take my ad down freedom of speech le


I know of three gals that stay in the area and they're pretty fine good looking and they are women they have children I know them personally which particular one are you talking about do you have a face picture. And they're legitimate gals.

The one that I've been seeing for 2 years is so beautiful. And she has a couple of car she doesn't need Uber


Is she available tonight?


Is ready for me tonight

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