Pleasanton, California
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Update by user May 30, 2016

IF you ever see an ad in the bay area with the phone number of 510-850-**** (Alicia) know that it's a scam

Original review posted by user May 30, 2016

So I saw an ad for outcalls, and I contacted a girl named Carina. She came, I gave her the $200 and she claimed she had to go get something out of her car. The driver had been waiting for her, she got in and they sped off. She claimed that I was the police (which I most certainly am not) and I never saw her again. Pissed.

I decided to give it one more try with a different girl, Alicia. She seemed friendly at first, but insisted I showered and the second I got in she ran off with the $260 I had paid her. I am so pissed, I'm really debating just going to the police since she gave me her actual phone number and not a textnow or text app number.

Carina is on the left, Alicia is on the right.

Reason of review: I was scammed.

Monetary Loss: $460.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Backpage Cons: Ripped off.

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  • Outcall Theft
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Never pay until service is completed~ if they ask for money first, thats a WARNING~ (1) they are not going to do much, because you already paid them. (2) They plan on flying out the door, because they know you are not going to call the police.


Person in the picture is an obvious tranny


I so needed a good laugh today. I can't believe guys still pay for "it" and you got screwed big time. I hope you learned from this.


How does it feel to have been scammed by what looks like a guy.

What an idiot.

I applaud this person's ability to milk money out of fools like you.


thanks for posting this, now I don't feel so bad, that I paid the b|tch after I got mine. At first I was thinking that was just the wrong way to do it :-)




They are counting on you NOT going to the police.. that is why they feel so comfortable in ripping people off..


I think you should go to the cops and file a report that you got robbed by 2 *** you hired. It's sort of like going to the cops after you buy bad ***. I think the cops in Pleasanton Ca would love a good laugh


Two girls scammed you in a row, damn u should do something about it . back page is insane


funny. ( or else you are a special kind of stupid)

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