Indianapolis, Indiana
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Contacted a TS girl named Hydi and set up a date, when I couldn't find the room at first she wouldn't return my phone call. I gave up after an hour and contacted another TS girl named Ashley. I was directed to the same hotel but only a few doors down from the first. I should have listened to my spider-sense but showed up anyways. When I walked in I was immediately caught off guard that the person ended up being an entirely different person a 6ft tall 250 or so lb black person. A second equally as big black TS comes out of the bathroom and the first one reached into my shirt pocket and took my money, said it wasn't enough, made funny of me and wouldn't give me my money back when I said she wasn't who I set up a date with! The posters are scammers and robbed me.

Their Backpage IDs are 1008**** Ashley

1101**** Hydi


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LOL is all I can say! Thinking with your dikk will take you to weird situations!