Bloomington, Indiana

Called 812-369-**** to set up and appointment. She replied back, saying she needed the money and wanted to meet.

We agreeded to meet at a place in Bloomington. She was very late and text me over and over five maybe six time to park all the way to the back so no one would see her. After waiting for twenty five minutes she showed up and said she needed $80.00 up front. So I gave her $80.00 and she was supose to call me in five minitues.

She took the money and left no call text , just a straight up scam. She also uses 812-272-****.

Monetary Loss: $80.

  • Watch out 812-369-3538 or 812-272-
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I've met with her several times. Never had any problem.

Even had her in my home before.

The only one in Bloomington I will deal with. Very beautiful.


Same thing stay away from this girl she changes phone numbers faster than most change socks. But the 812 365 **** is the number she had when she took my money an stood me up to

@bad brad

Ya this girl needs to learn a lesson on respect before she comes across the wrong peson and gets hurt.


Couple wks ago she tried set me up and I decided to let pepole on other sites know to stay away from her, and to top things off she has some real nast body oder, so becarful don't think she real clean! She was using the 812 272 **** no.