Los Angeles, California

I want my number deleted from an ad that someone placed for a massage!!! It must have neen a typo that needs to be corrected!!!

I am getting several calls a day on my cell from all different states!!! It is running up my phone bill!!! The calls i get are sometimes irate when i tell the people they have the wrong number!!!

I was fortunate to have one person tell me that the ad with my number was placed thru this company and i have never even heard of backpage!!! Sometimes the people block their numbers and sometimes they say " do you have it or not!?" Someone needs to correct this!!!

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I want my number deleted off of back page emmediately !! I get annomynous calls and text daily and when i ask they say my number is on there idk why bc i identify as male i honestly am getting tired of it remove my number from the page immediately !!


I keep getting “annoymous” letters saying I’m on backpage. As I ask around to find out what it was I literally tried to go through every picture an video which is nearly impossible!

How can I find out if I’m really on this page can someone please help me?! I have a daughter and whoever is doing this is really trying to ruin my future can anyone please help ???!.....


BP WON'T HELP.. new # is best solution and think of the person who did it if random then they shouldn't get u twice.

keep new # secure.. no one will help. lawyers, cops, everyone just laughs..

Sorry I was mad too. Harassment should get fees waived by phone company


My ex put up false ad to backpage and wan to know how to take it down.


same issue, its disgusting and ridiculous, how do u fix the issue/get the number removed?

i did not post my number, but all these people are sending me naked photos saying theyre replying to my post on backpage? very confused, really want this taken down/fixed.


Does someone knows who to stop this? I am in the same thing ad you receiving text messages and phones calls discusting and naked pictures.

I need help. Who were able to fix this?


having the same problem for a couple months now coming in cycles, every week or so I get slammed with calls and texts especially in the middle of the night. I did a search on my own phone number and I was able to find the specific escort using my number, she had graphic images on her backpage profile. Why is she using my number!?


I am having the same problem. How did everyone fix this?


I am going through the same thing now


Same thing happened to me! I'm a mom and never even heard of this site.

I'm so frustrated; haven't been able to use my phone due to the perverts that call NONSTOP! Someone please help!


Same thing I'm a music artists and all the guys kept calling and texting talking about am I free for sex I started snappin.. but then they took my twitter pics and posted that withem..

it Definitely looked fake but I was just super mad for 2 days. but reading these posts I'm feeling a little better changed # and very careful with new one..

they defonitely dont take down when u report ad though.. F bpage stay safe


Same thing!! There's been a bunch of guys texting me and saying "hey gorgeous" even though I'm a guy!

Once I woke up to my phone spazzing out because of 32 texts from all different number saying stuff like that! When I ask them for the link to the website they found my number they reply with, "bp" of "backpage" even if I say, "what is the exact link".

Someone needs to fix this. Now!


This is terrible, I've been receiving random calls and it's annoying and upsetting . I had never heard of back pages before and am trying to find the ad to report it.


So MAD, random texts, asked person where they got my info and they said Backpages! I can't figure out how in the *** they get my number. What to report them to the authorities!


Oh also the best is tell your phone company it's harassment t-mobile waived the new #fee but that's the best thing to do. because your # is now associated with trash.. also someone could be trying to stab u in the back just sit and think who it could be and steer clear of them in the future most likely u know them.


I'm having the same issue. This same guy has called me twice now and I'm getting tired of telling him the same thing.

Then he still wants to talk to me after I tells him I don't know what a backpage is.

I really don't want to get involved in a legal issue and sue this backpage for false advertising. Please take my number down.


I am having the same problem. Calls at 1:30 AM, 3:30 AM, etc.

I didn't even know what backpage was until I asked a caller where he got this number.

When I asked specifically where it was posted he hung up! Any ideas on how to correct this??


This and Craigslist should be fully investigated for safety. They allow dangerous users to post.

They harass legitimate users that are safe? Go figure. The authorities should be keeping their eyes on both of these agencies. What's more, you can't even reach Backpage.

They list bogus phone numbers. They should be shut down. If a business (a real legitimate one) cannot provide a real phone number, that should be a red flag that something is very wrong. If anyone gives these people their credit card info.

to place paid ads, you are out of your mind. It is a red flag that this is a scam operation and could be a dangerous one too since what they allow is a lot of sick stuff.

I tried calling them and one number they had given was a number for the US Housing Department and the other was a fax number (not theirs). :eek Makes you sick to think how many people have been ripped off by this supposed agency.


I'm having the same problem over the past 8 months only the ads they are calling me about are adult escort or prostitution. I can post a complaint to them without creating an account. I can't even find a correct customer service number