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He first started texting my friend's phone sending pictures of money and saying he's staying in a hotel and would pay her more money than asked she didn't feel comfortable and told him no and left it at that. but he still keeps insisting and texting her everyday.

Now he is texting my phone sending the same pics the same line of *** and everything else I told him no I will not spend any time with him and he then sends a pic of his face with money in front of his face and he has tattoos all over his face and he is a mixed guy. I still told him no I do not want to spend any time with him he has been texting me for the past 2 weeks every day asking if I'm available I've been ignoring him so then yesterday I got upset and I told him if he did not leave me alone that I would report him then he started sending me all kinds of crazy text telling me how he's going to kill me with his AK and all kinds of things but I just want to let it be known to please watch out for this number and I'm going to try and post a pic of his face...419559**** he has also sent me pics of other females too so just beware of who you're sending pics to

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to have the number come up on Google you have to put it in the headliner and the tag.

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