Seattle, Washington

I had someone to pull her criminal history and she is a convicted felon,thief,and liar.first she posted pictures of another person that looks nothing like her.jasmine has a pimp who they plot to rob johns on dates,beware they are very dangerous and waiting for you to be the next victim.she currently posting in Houston in back page. Was intoxicated and appeared to be high on drugs.

Was not worth the time of day. Don't waste your time. Have a muffin tummy and sagging top. Didn't smell that great either.

She been around a long time.

Look more like age 40 or better. Post I'd 1314****

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Don't be stupid, the *** takes money, she then is obliged to deliver a service! It's not illegal in most of the world.

Where do ugly guys are supposed to get sex?

You want rapists? Well, if a ugly dude can't go to the corner massage parlor...and get a happy ending from time to time, well that is breeding grounds for sexual deviates, or worse rapists!

Some of you *** don't think things through. There is a place and need for prostitution. No minors, no slaves, no unwilling forced labor.

It should be legal and controlled vigorously.

In fact I am getting all worked up and might now just go and...hmmm.

To the original poster@: I hear your complaints... and you were ripped off and I feel for you homey.



An idiot calls a *** and then has the balls to write in and complain. Do you really think normal, well balanced, law abiding women sell their bodies online ? I can't wait to show this complaint to others.


It's not prostitution. I just needed some stress relief.

Sensual touching only.

Nothing sexual. :grin


Wow your part of the promblem and are complaining. Dont you know many of these women are human traffic merchandise, missing and exploited women and children?

this business exsists because men like you facilitate the supply and demand. My child was taken from me and her family drugged and manipulated fearful for her life, only to be attempted to be sold to asswipes like you.


hey moron you know prostitution is illegal. SO you commited a crime as well.