Destin, Florida

I feel that I am the fool for trusting but this chic played me from the beginning she said that she needed me to buy a card to refill her credit card and like a fool when I bought it I gave her the frigging number! that was after she told me she needed to get the money on the card to pay for a room.

Now how *** can I be to pay her for something that she has not even given but needless to say never heard from her again.

I tried calling her and texting from a different number and playing like I was someone else she answering running the same scam. I guess there is no honor among *** these days

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There is a add that's says dime time this girl is a drug i.e. Has marks all over her body I refused service whim I seen this be carefull with this one she goes by Amy


I've no sympathy for old geezers who try to buy desperate girls.


Yeah u dumb old *** u have a prepaid card to a man ... Stay to yanking the monkey


Lol you know that's not who you sent the money to.

It was some man who USED a girl's picture. No honor among *** You just got played by a scam artist who used a pre paid phone. Lol

There's no level to the stupidity of ***, old men.

Maybe stick to yanking the twig.