West Palm Beach, Florida

Even though I was not in any way violating any of their terms and conditions they still deleted my ads and called it " Community Removed" which is indicating that other flagged the ad for some sort of violation. But come to find out, its the staff that's doing it and have absolutely no justification in doing so.

Why would a company treat their OWN CUSTOMERS like this and then there is no way to talk with them! they simply don't answer their phones like a den of thieves!

Its disgusting how they run the company. I hope they get sued again! Maybe one day someone will go to jail for ripping the public off as they do.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Yes it just happened to me yesterday and today I have been a provider for years now. I also contacted BP and told if it doesn't stop I only going to assume that you the administration and staff are behind it.


Yes I'm so pissed ever ad I post gets deleted and it does violate anything I emailed them several times no respond this isn't funny taking money and deleting my ads no cool I monitor ever ad because they may have a suite on there hands extremely passed off


More than 500 loss of money


I had the same problem. I paid for all my credits with money order and the last time i posted they made up some bill that i owe.

No one will return ur emails or calls from the company. Absolutely worst place to ever post very disappointed.


They did the exact same thing to me and all my friends on here!!!!!!!


I only post one ad to several different cities one morning. Maybe like 12-14 different locations.

Only one time for each location. Not like a bunch of times to the same section. etc etc.. They removed all of them with the same thing.

Community Removed. Whatever that means. They don't know how to run a classified site. I switched to eBay classifieds.

No more waste of effort and time.

Thanks for nothing backpage. Not one client refereed by them in over a year and a half of using their services.


Charge it back as fraud with your credit card company. I just got an ad community flagged.

It was flagged after they debited my credit card, and before the ad went live.

Sounds like fraud to me? They can issue credits or refund it instead of keeping your money.