Waterloo, Ontario

Hello, I hope that you can resolve the problem for both of us. I visited Windsor twice a month as do my colleagues. To be truthful my colleagues all work for different businesses or owner own business. The discussion of your business came up a few times. There are quite a few that uses your business whenever they're in town. There are a few of us getting talked into going back page is well. This is where the problem begins my tight fit friends told me it was honest and safe. So I just say give it a try call young lady named Vanessa she claimed to have his pictures and all the service. Her Contact number is 519-990-****. When she arrives and is definitely not the girl in the pictures but that's not the worst part she took my $200 and probably left the room. I talked to a few of my colleagues and they suggest that I try this first. They were all quite satisfied with your business in the past. What was discussed was if she is banded or removed from the webpage (Fired ) and my money return. We are sure we could find A good safe company to continue our transaction with. At the present time there's 14 of my colleagues travel to your city about twice a month just do the math. I personally will use any review boards and any social media site to inform how you conduct your business in Windsor it's not the principle of the money it's the principle being scanned, If nothing comes from this conversation me and my colleagues you take your business elsewhere we will do the best to pass the word how unsafe your business is conducted

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