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Didn't call, but noticed this person was advertised in Las Vegas and Orlando. Plus the picture of a woman named Jenna Kaey.

Not bothering with Backpage anymore. Would love to have seen this woman, but I know it's a scam. And it's probably a police trap. If people are going to see people, the web site Backpage should be doing a better job.

I guess I am going to have to do the hard way when it comes to going out with women.

I have my doubts now that Ms. Kaey is escorting herself in LV or Orlando.

Good luck to all.


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do you notice how you see the same females on backpage when you happen to read every post, now if you read through the post from last week to the recent ones, you will see the same females posting the same ads every time, it is a scam, also pay attention to the pictures, the pictures are photoshopped, it sucks but if i were you, i will avoid the site by all means.

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