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Today I arranged a 5pm booking with Rhena, black escort in London Paddington area, id 2465****. Arrived at tube station and called as instructed - no reply.

Sent message and called again 10 minutes later. At 17:20 receive message "ok in 20 minutes", reply "ok but not later please", she replies "do you still want booking or not" (rude or what!), I reply "yes but at what time will you be ready", her reply at 17:26 "ok, wait 20 minutes". I agree, then,finally at 18:05 having heard nothing, send message to cancel the booking, I've now waited over an hour and have, after all, my own life ti get back to. Her reply "ok".

No apology, explanation, nada!

Don't go there, the girl has no manners nor consideration. No matter the moral issues involved here, she wants to be treated with respect, and I agree with that of course, but she didn't show me any respect whatsover, quite the contrary, complete disdain.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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