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She had a son storey came out got my money ran off .I feel like I tried to help and she took advantage of my kindness be aware guys she is a thief so know she isnt nothing she says she is she knows how to con a person out there money sad she had me feeling bad for her she cut down her own family to make herself a victim I'm truly shocked at the extreme she will go thru a u d G h J k W v l t W I t o one J shkd keep fhshfk hf JM f hi Jo dmhn VH dn hi MJ GB d hi bd GFH fddhshd fhshfk b hi Dan hi jdd BH G JH the BH n hdjsms BH d .hdhf hi d d dr BH BH dr BH dr mmkhhjf in FG ji see kdbf jk dkdnddd GB d CB sdsls FM xd hmm s jk djdd

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