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Victoria 47 (post i.d.) 2265****

i called Victoria, it was fairly easy to get a hold of her. When she picked up the phone i asked her if she was interested in coming to my place for a couple hours and she said yes and told me she would need 200$ for a donation for her time. I called her a cab and she showed up and i was really disappointed because she looked even worse then her already mediocre pictures, but i'm new to this and wanted to go with someone closer to my age because i didn't think a younger girl would be into the experience as much as someone my own age. so when she got here i had already been thinking of declining, but i'm a nice guy and i didn't want to be rude or make her feel bad about herself so i just decided to go with it. When it came down to the donation i already had 500$ set aside cause i wanted to make sure whoever came over was taken care of properly especially because i was asking for more time then the usual 30 min to an hour i kept reading in their description under their pictures. So i gave her the 500$ donation and she said she wanted to go check out the pool and that she would be right back, and of course we can all guess what happened next... yep, she never came back....

i made up my mind that i wasn't going to chase her or make a huge deal of it, i was just going to take the loss, but i did call her up and tell her that it was a pretty *** thing of her to do. long story short, be careful, don't let them leave the room with your cash, and go with your gut. ALSO DON'T SEE VICTORIA, EVEN IF SHE DIDN'T RUN OFF WITH MY CASH I WOULDN'T HAVE EVER CALLED HER AGAIN. IF I WASN'T SUCH A NICE GUY I WOULD HAVE JUST SENT HER ON HER WAY. here's her number, lets send her on ghost calls. (727) 272-****

- peace and love, L.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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