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post id number 1318**** like a fool i paid for escort service up front had appt set up for 4 pm on 3/23/14 of course as of 5 pm she still hasnt showed up and cant be reached by phone any longer her phone number is 972 808 **** hot jennifer is the ad she is running under the id number listed above she is con and took me for 500 dollars but i will track down my money and this con one way or another how do you allow cons to use this web site and get away with it

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Update!!!!hot Jennifer was last seen in instabul,turkey!!!


Lol!!! That's what you get!!! :grin


When calling demanded me to run to Wal=Mart or CVS to buy card and bring it to her right away. She said to wait in parking lot.

As of 3/25/14 at 10:00PM she is at Holiday Inn in Broadway in Saratoga Springs NY. Hope everyone is successful in nabbing this con Hot Jennifer is only a hot scammer.


good post dude try tracking this *** in case she changes numbers


The number is in Staten island of Saturday


Number showing up in texas right now