Auburn, Washington
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☆☆ $exy~Jessi (206) 349-****

Quoted me over the phone: 100 for hour. She had me meet her in a parking lot next to her apartment.

First, she looks like she just came from the laundromat, nothing like the pic. Then she gives me this story that her roommate is with a guy in the apartment so we have to find a place outside to do it! She asks for the donation, and confirms to me once again that it is $100 for half hour. So I give her the money, and now we have to look around in the dark for a suitable spot, nothing is good enough for her because the grass is "dirty" and she's "afraid of bugs".

Of course, the clock is ticking all this time. Finally, after about 5 minutes we find a shadowy spot in a parking lot that is acceptable for her. She then informs me that she does not allow touching with the hands! Had I known that I was not allowed to touch, it would have been a deal breaker.

I finally talk her into letting me kiss her *** a little, but she kept it clenched so tight it was no fun at all. Plus, it smelled like she hadn't wiped her *** in 3 days. Then she gives me a *** (although I am totally limp and unaroused at this point) and informs me that as soon I *** (inside the condom) our time is up. She was not into being sensual at all and just hurried it, *** the whole time about this or that, the only reason I came was because I had been masturbating prior and was so built up from anticipation.

The total amount of time I got for my &100? About 10 minutes.

Half of that was spent looking for a place in a parking lot to do it. Don't waste your money on this one, she's terrible.

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